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Services & Products

Managed Services

Our BenchmarkSOLUTION is a vertically integrated set of services and technologies designed to ensure legality and compliance within a highly regulated and quickly evolving cannabis supply chain. Our Managed Services division provides this full turn-key solution through the below lines of business.
Includes plan and design of facility, selection of technologies, and filing application.



Includes construction, security, regulatory inspection and approval.


Includes sourcing, installing, training and supporting required equipment.


Includes assisting with retail and / or wholesale marketing and sales.


Provides critical datametrics with respect to operational efficiency, quality assurance, analytical data, market data, consumer and patient feedback.


Provides application writing, site plan, building design & construction, corporate finance, implementation, operational, marketing & quality assurance support required by today’s best of bred technology cannabis operations.


Our Technologies

While its Sprout AI technology is designed to provide producers with a reliable, economic, practical, safe and scalable vertical automated aeroponic solution, the ETCH biotrace provides the producers, processors, and distributors with a safe and reliable vertically integrated traceability solution. The glue to all is our OS2 (One SYSTEM One Solution software), TheraCann International is able to offer a reliable, economic, practical, safe and scalable enterprise resource planning and compliant software solution to governments, producers, processors, lab analysts, and distributors.
Sprout AI is our Advanced Indoor Aeroponic Cultivation System.

Sprout AI

ETCH biotrace was formed out of necessarily to track and trace legally produced cannabis and deter the diversion of black market cannabis into the legal market.

ETCH biotrace

One System One Solution: Fully configurable enterprise resource planning and compliance (ERP+C) software.




TheraCannCAPITAL incorporated in Luxembourg is uniquely positioned to share venture capital pool country For TheraCann BenckmarkSOLUTION, providing access to more than 8 international licensed countries, utilizing the same project site plan, floor plan, equipment and technology list.

Line of Credit

Adding value to clients shares and investments


Why choose TheraCann International?

To be successful, governments, producers, processors, distributors, analysts, and law enforcement must adopt solutions that are repeatable, economical, practical, safe and secure.
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