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Market Positioning

  • Branding & Identity
  • Digital & Print Design
  • Media Relations & Advocacy
  • Crisis Communication & Simulation
  • Patient Acquisition
  • Education

Determine clients product branding, logo, identity, web design, audience among other marketing strategies. Complete SEO/SEM plan and focus, according to each market and product development. Ongoing public relations, social media support and marketing programming.

Scope of Service

BenchmarkMARKET provides patient acquisition strategies in addition to providing proper market evaluation, branding, advertising, regulatory body advocacy, media relations and education to professional associations. When combined with BenchmarkACT, BenchmarkBUILD, BenchmarkGROW, and BenchmarkINSIGHT you have all that is required to properly position and sell your cannabis products!

The Process

Having completed the construction of your facility its go time and processing your first burn-in crops its now time to get marketing!  Let us first confirm your consumer and / or medical patient demographic and confirm the product(s) they wish to consume.  Utilizing our BenchmarkACT, BenchmarkBUILD, BenchmarkGROW and BenchmarkINSIGHT professional and technical services you will be producing the right product for the right consumer each and every time!

Next Steps

Let our BenchmarkMARKET service Team help you to properly position and market your products to ensure what you are producing meets consumer and/or medical patient demands.  We will then help prepare your marketing materials including Website, brochures, trade show booths, educational materials as well as product labeling to assist you during the critical first period of your cannabis sales. Then through our BenchmarkINSIGHT services, we can review the success of our marketing campaign and anticipate changes in future market demands.