• Total Solution for the Regulated Urban Indoor Vertical Cultivation Industry
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Investor Relations

Welcome TheraCann International

TheraCann International provides a turn-key solution to Government, Project Proponent, Law Enforcement, Banking and Finance that enables regulated urban vertical farming projects to operate in compliance and at lower risk.

TheraCann International is to Vertical Urban Farming what Cisco was to the internet – we create international “bandwidth” for regulated crops grown indoors in a way that also permits international import and export.

TheraCann International is seeking investment to further develop this integrated supply chain and to further develop its international locations to further serve the needs of large multi-national brands seeking domestic supply in full GPO, EU GMP, ISO 17025, HIPPA, FATF and FinCEN compliance.

Truly International

TheraCann International diversifies risk by operating in multiple countries, aggregating multiple projects with multiple revenue streams.

Currently operating in over 10 countries, TheraCann International will be in over 20 countries by end of 2021.

TheraCann International further limits project risk by providing pre-existing site plan, floor plan, technology selection, standard operating procedures and fully integrated technology stack.

TheraCann International then receives a % of gross revenues from each project for a minimum of 5 years following the payment of consulting fee’s for planning, designing and implementing the facility.

Tax Advantageous

TheraCann International’s Head Office and its Center of Excellence (COE) showcasing its services and technologies is located within Panama Pacifico, the Special Economic Zone / High Technology Park of Panama.

This zone which requires due diligence, annual review and acceptance, has provided TheraCann with zero percent tax on corporate earnings, import or export duties, and a marginal 0.05% tax on shareholder dividends.

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