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Introducing Invent

  • Develop new technologies for the Industry
  • Regulatory compliance laboratory (ISO 17025:2017/EUGMP)
  • Cultivation technology
  • Research & Development
  • Comparison & Analytics

Provides research and development functions within TheraCann technology stack, in order to continue delivering disruptive innovation to the cannabis industry. While it is testing new tagging methods to our traceability platform ETCH Biotrace, or implementing enhancements to the design of SproutAI our vertical aeroponic fully automated grow solution, BenchmarkINVENT will introduce disruptive innovation.

Scope of Service

BenchmarkINVENT provides Research and development (R&D) to TheraCann with the objective to innovate and further enhance our products or develop new products and services. It is often the first stage in the development process. Taking products and services to the market must add value to the overall chain in our ecosystem and value to our customers.

The Process

TheraCann is always in the lookout as an industry leader, to anticipate changes, evaluate performance or analyze available data, creating the perfect scenario to develop and introduce products and services beyond expectations.

Next Steps

Let our BenchmarkINSIGHT service team help you to properly manage what our OS2 software measures. Knowing what processes require adjustment, what products need to be reformulated, or whether to reposition your product offering is critical to your operation(s). Then through our BenchmarkACT services, we can continually improve your operation(s) based on these critical data-metrics.