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The Grow Process

  • Cultivation
  • Harvest & Extraction
  • Package & Label
  • Storage & Shipping
  • Disposal

Providing our clients with the necessary instruments, equipment, training and management for the cultivation process. In this stage we will implement the extraction and disposal techniques that will be used in each client’s business models.

Scope of Service

BenchmarkGROW provides the necessary instruments, equipment, training and support to complete cannabis cultivation, harvest, extraction, package & label, disposal, and storage.  When combined with BenchmarkACT, BenchmarkBUILD and BenchmarkINSIGHT you have all that is required to ready your site for pre-license inspection!

The Process

Having completed the construction of your Cannabis facility, its now time to get cultivating!  Utilizing our BenchmarkACT, BenchmarkBUILD, BenchmarkMARKET and BenchmarkINSIGHT professional and technical services we will receive for installation the necessary cultivation, harvest, extraction, package & label, waste disposal and onsite analytical laboratory equipment necessary for onsite training.   Once you are in operation, we continue to support you and through our BenchmarkINSIGHT services assist you with the process of continual improvement.

Next Steps

Let our BenchmarkGROW service Team help you to properly install, train and support operations during activation.  Then through our BenchmarkMARKET and BenchmarkINSIGHT services we will then pre-market your cannabis inventory for sale.