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ETCH biotrace

Total Traceability

  • Protection of proprietary varieties/strains
  • Elimination of black/grey market product/material entry
  • Consistent product quality and safety
  • Systematic regulatory compliance

ETCH biotrace is a verification technology that employs molecular tagging methods to ensure the integrity and provenance of ingredients and components in the cannabis supply chain—from seedling to point of sale— supported by cloud and blockchain technology.

To separate legal from illicit cannabis, traceable from untraceable cannabis, ETCH biotrace provides a solution for governments, regulators, law enforcement, producer, processors and distributors.

How it works

The molecular tag can be added at any point in the supply/distribution chain. Harvested plant fogging, addition to cannabis-derived products such as oils, and tags applied to bulk and retail packaging are all possible. The versatility of the tag serves the evolving and dynamic cannabis marketplace.

  • Cannabis is labeled with a non-transgenic genetic bar code with a unique, unrepeatable and safe value.
  • This individual code is stored in the ETCH blockchain data structure.
  • ETCH genetic identification is able to survive extraction or manipulation.
  • Identifications can be removed from the products at any stage of the global supply chain.
  • It is possible to add additional identifications to monitor derivative products and even packaging.


Clearly separate regulated cannabis from illicit. ETCH Biotrace provides a solution for state entities, regulators, law enforcement, producers and distributors.

  • Easy to apply: Application with sterilized nebulizer.
  • Attach easily: Providing greater peace of mind.
  • Safe use: It has no harmful effects.
  • Secure application: Guarantees the link to the system.
  • Easy to detect: Confirm the legality of the product.
  • Easily integrable to the supply chain.